Monday, September 7, 2009

I admit, I like the smell of...

Breast milk poop. Yeah, I know there seems to be something wrong there I know. It's true, I like the smell of breast milk poop. I don't think I would like the smell of other kids poop, originating from either the breast or from formula. I am pretty sure it is just my children's poop. It is kind of a sweet smell, if you have to clasify it. Not sour at all. Not even a rancid smell, just sweet to me... maybe sickly sweet. I like it, maybe it is because it comes from me. I made the milk that made the poop. Breastfeeding is the second most natural thing for a Mom to do, second to childbirth itself. Our boobs, breasts, ta-ta's, pillows, knockers (the list goes on and on, I found a website that has a list of 138 slang words for breasts, SCARY) are on our bodies to make milk. My MIL can't smell it, is it because it is not her milk? My husband can smell it, and doesn't think it is nasty, is it because he loves my milk full breasts? Maybe it also comes from the fact that my first and third child both had Jaundice? The most natural way to get rid of Jaundice it is by eliminating, so I, for days became so wrapped up in the the anticipation of seeing that poop in their diapers. Is that what caused it? Now don't get me wrong its not like perfume to me or fresh cut lavendar, I just like the smell. I am sure some of you won't understand or even find it discusting but I don't care.


  1. I used to love breast milk poop! It smelled like buttered popcorn!

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  3. Okay I'm so sure on the breast milk poop!! lol But anyway how in the world do you have time for 3 blogs....I have just the 2 and can't keep up...hehehe. You need to join my Bradley Blog..:)
    But I love that you are using your creative skill of writing! You were always good a putting your words to paper....I have a great write a children's book and I will illustrate it..:)